Frank Hastings Rhy Guitar & Vocals
Gerry Duffy Tenor Sax & Clarinet
Noel Hingerton Lead Vocals & Trumpet
Noel Feeny Drums & Vocals
Olly Walsh Lead Guitar & Vocals
Teddy Moran Bass Guitar & Vocals
The Leaders Showband Westport 1966
Band Gear & Instruments
PA Phillips 100 Watt Amp & Crazy Box Speakers
Binson Echorec 2 Echo Unit

Frank Hastings: Hofner Senator One Pick-Up  Fender Tremolux Amp
Gerry Duffy : Selmer Sax
Noel  Hingerton : Selmer Trumpet
Noel  Feeny : Premer Drums
Olly Walsh   : Fender Strat Vox Ac-30 Amp
Teddy Moran : Futurama Bass  Fender Tremolux Bass Amp

Enquries:phone 7-345
the leaders on the way to a gig (just stopped for a photo)
why are we sitting here
come on pj i'm getting bored
olly played one of these
Frank also played this
vox guitar/organ
(frank still has it)
Amps Used By Frank Teddy and Olly On Stage
we all sang through this
The Leaders Showband Backstage At The PavilionBallroom Westport 1966
Photo By McLoughlins Studios Westport
Frank & Teddy in 1960 with Hofner Guitars
Teddy was playing Lead Guitar then
teddy played this Futurama bass
frank played a Hofner Senator Guitar
like this one with one pick-up
(i still have it)
Olly Playing Bass Guitar
With The Golden Aces
"Hey Ted Do You Think We'll Ever Be As Big As The Beatles"
Some Of The Guitars On Sale In Westport In The Early 60s
There Were Called Egmond "try and do a chuck berry run
on one of these
It Was The Only Way To Get Near Hank's Guitar Sound "in them days"
But He Had To Carry This Power Unit
Vox Guitar/Organ.
Plug One Of These Into A Vox AC30
For A Great Sound
The Egmond Sold 7
The Rangemaster Treble Booster
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This Was A Great Chord Book In The 60s
(and you still can get it)
My First Amp When I Started Playing Bass Guitar
I Think It Was a Vortexian
30 Or 50 Watts
I Had To Stand On a Rubber Mat Must Of The Time
My First Fuzz Box You Now Could Play The Stones The Kinks The Yardbirds