Olly With The Rainbow Country Sounds  At The Albert Hall London 1970
Chris & Olly
Silver Dollars Open Air Gig At Greenwich
that don't impress me much
and by the way my name is Dixie
Dixie Passed Away Today 31 July 2015
i know there's a mouse around here somewhere Dixie Passed Away Today
31 July 2015
THE RAINBOW COUNTRY SOUNDS on stage at the Albert Hall London 1970
Open Air Gig At Greenwich
GOOD COMPANY With Olly Danny Myles
With TEX WITHERS in Scotland
Silver Dollars Giging On a Saturday Night
With The Emerald Showband  In Scotland 1967
Pride Of The West Duo Playing In Acton Club
                          Teddy And Olly
Some Country Songs I Wrote
Middle Of The Road Pop Songs
Some Instrumentals I Wrote
The Skypilots East Acton Club 1970
Royal Albert Hall London 1970 with Pat Cambell on the mic
Playing Bass With Good Company
At The Rising Sun Pub
Albert Hall Rainbow Country Sounds Backing Jed Forde 1970
In the bronx new york 1982
Flying Around New York From The East River 1982
at General Custer's grave in the west point
cemetery new york 1982
Playin The Godwin Guitar/Organ
Alan Hayes from ballina
Jimmy McCaffrey From Ballina Bass Guitar
Perth Scotland Dec 13 1967
a postcard from new york
that i got from Seanie Bourke 3rd aug 1968
Playing with the Alan Hayes Band
Good Company at the Rising Sun Pub
Where I Used To Gig In New York
The Archway Inn In The Bronx
Doing My Bob Dylan Bit
Myles Rutledge from Galway
Lead Guitarist & Vocals
Danny Coyne from Galway Drummer & Vocals
My Old Pal Shea
Of The Skypilots Sound
Who Passed Away Friday 5/11/04
One Of The Best
Jimmy Passed Away On The 8th Oct 2003 In London A Great Guy
The Godwin Guitar/Organ
A Big Mother But Some Nice Sounds
Danny Coyne Playing His  Drums
At The Union Tavern Victoria London 1970
Danny Coyne Olly Walsh And Jimmy Hurlry From Cork
At Chris Forde's Dance Hall Wim London 1969
Danny And Olly
At The Union Tavern Victoria London 1970
Olly At The Union Tavern London 1970
Keith Webb Mick Gunn And Olly Playing At The Union Tavern Victoria London 1970
Just Got a New Strat check out the easy-mute tremolo
Jimmy And I In West Ken London 1970
Acton 1970
Olly In 1970s
Myles Playing My Casio PG-380 Midi Guitar
Danny Coyne Drummer And Vocals
Playing a Hofner Bass
Playing a Guild Starfire
Olly At The Albert Hall 1970
Olly With The Rainbow Country Sounds
Myles With His Les Paul
Recording Session In Bensham Lane Croydon
Myles And I Recorded a Lot Of Our Music With This
Clive Chamberlain From Hanwell In London
A Great Little Drummer
Danny Could Play Guitar As Well
A Great Hi-Fi Set-Up In 1970 With a Pair Of Wharfedale Dovedale 3 Loudspeakers
Started Off With One Of These In Westport In The 60s Got a 2nd Hand One In 1968 In Northfields In West London
Gerry And Michael Two Old Flat Mates From Acton Great Guys
Tex & Jan With The Rainbow Country Sounds
Jim Martin Steel Guitar Trevor Keys Bass Guitar
And John Our Roadie And New Van On The Dunoon Ferry In Scotland
Clive Going For a High Kick
Eat Your Heart Out Chuck Norris
Teddy And Olly Pride Of The West At Acton Club
My Mate Jimmy God Rest
Jimmy At My Place In Acton 1970s